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IFS Acquires Central Sanitary Supply

Central Sanitary Supply Joins Individual FoodService

Modesto, CA and Bell, CA – Individual FoodService (“IFS”), a leading distributor of foodservice disposables and janitorial & sanitation (“JanSan”) products, has announced that it has acquired Central Sanitary Supply (“Central”), a leader in the distribution of janitorial, cleaning and facility supplies headquartered in Modesto, California. Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

The acquisition expands IFS’ sales presence and distribution capabilities throughout California and Nevada, and strengthens its JanSan proposition and product reach. Additionally, Central’s clients now have access to IFS’ complete portfolio of foodservice disposables, packaging, and dry and canned goods.

“I am pleased to welcome Dave, Chris, Katie and the rest of the outstanding team at Central to IFS. Central fits well with our strategy of expanding our product portfolio and distribution reach across the Western United States. We are excited to partner with such a great company,” said Kenneth Sweder, CEO and Chairman of the Board of IFS. Sweder continued, “This is our second acquisition in 7 months, and we continue to make excellent progress building our teams and opening new locations. We remain acquisitive and committed to building the most customer and operator centric growth platform in our industry.”

“The combined organization creates a powerful and unique offering to the marketplace,” commented Dave Martini, principal owner and President of Central, who will continue to lead and operate Central Sanitary Supply along with the existing team. Martini continued, “We are thrilled to be part of a larger family of amazing co-workers. Our unified vision for continued growth and a world class customer experience is exciting as we begin a new chapter together.”


About Central Sanitary Supply Company

Founded in 1956, Central Sanitary Supply is an innovative distributor of janitorial, cleaning and facility supplies in the West. Central offers over 10,000 products representing the leading manufactures in the industry. Central is headquartered in Modesto, CA with distribution centers in California and Nevada. For more information on Central Sanitary Supply Company, please visit


About IFS

Located in Bell, CA, Individual FoodService distributes paper, plastic, packaging, food, janitorial and sanitation products to independent restaurants, healthcare facilities, hospitality establishments, schools, universities, government institutions, wholesalers, food processors and foodservice management institutions. Since its early beginnings as one of the first Dixie cup distributors in Southern California, IFS has grown to become one of the largest distributors in the Southwest United States due to its broad and unique array of goods, rapid fulfillment, comprehensive industry expertise and product knowledge, and exceptional focus on the customer. 

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Restaurant Operators Must Prepare for an Increase in Takeout Dining

In the upcoming months, restaurants are likely to see an increase in takeout orders as dine-in traffic slows down. Restaurants that don’t have all of the proper takeout options will be missing out on potential sales. In the age of social distancing, it is extremely important for operators to be prepared and well-stocked with the essential takeout materials. Packaging is critical for success in takeout dining. To receive positive reviews from customers, the packaging must be designed properly depending on the food that it carries. Insulated packaging is essential for hot foods like pizza and soup, while others are specifically made to hold perishables. This helps maintain the integrity of the restaurant and the quality of the food as it is transported home. Remember the key to restaurant success – serve hot food hot, cold food cold. Packaging must be high-quality and sturdy, especially for bulk orders. As the impact of social distancing threatens dine-in traffic, restaurants need to be prepared with the necessary to-go products. Thankfully, Individual Food Service can supply your operation with the most important products to offer high-quality takeout. Individual Food Service has all types of takeout packaging listed in an expansive product catalog. Whether it is aluminum, plastic, paper, or eco-friendly materials, Individual Food Service can provide the best packaging items for a wide variety of foods. Please contact your Individual Food Service sales representative for more information about how our products can help your operation increase takeout sales!
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Individual FoodService is With You

IFS has all the packaging you need to get you through. Contact your IFS sales representative for more information.

Cold Meals for Delivery – A Way for Restaurants to Better Serve Customers

The stunning speed of social distancing has brought many restaurants and food operations to the brink of closing. We assume you are is operating, but guest counts are down as patrons become more wary of crowds. At some point, sales may drop to the point where you close your doors voluntarily OR with little or no prior notice, local authorities may mandate closure of all public gathering places and/or people may be quarantined in their homes. Prepare Cold Meals for Delivery! Hot food is prepared to order and time is of the essence for its delivery, think Door Dash or Uber Eats customers. This makes for a labor-intensive operation with a limited delivery window. A more practical approach would be to make food, package and chill. This process has been used for patient feeding in many hospitals for years. Food is prepared, then quickly cooled until re-heated ... in this case by the end user. When food is delivered chilled, it can be prepared to inventory. Because the recipients will already be in their homes, chilled food can be delivered any time during the day. It's also far easier to hold chilled food in a safe temperature range. From a production point of view, trying to offer your entire restaurant menu for the delivery program will unnecessarily complicate things. Simpler is always better. Offer a limited number of interesting items (3-4) each day and create variety by changing the selection daily. Offer side dishes by volume (half pints, quarts, etc.) to make it easier for families. Pizzeria operators can offer a rotating selection of Take and Bake pies in small and large sizes. IFS has all the packaging you need to get you through. Contact your IFS sales representative for more information.
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Straws to Set You Apart

VerTerra Dinnerware is thrilled to announce the launch of the “Stable Straw” – a wheat grass/hay compostable straw that is also eco-friendly and restaurant quality. Individual Food Service is proud to offer this new product in the catalog. VerTerra has produced stylish, sustainable, disposable dinnerware and packaging since 2007. Their products are eco-friendly and create an elevated look in the food industry. Founded on the principle of creating a better planet, VerTerra is committed to creating sustainable products. It has been the go-to eco-friendly line for leaders and innovators for over a decade. VerTerra’s line of palm leaf dinnerware, patented collapsible boxes, patent-pending cheese boards, and serve ware provide a wide variety of options for every customer’s need. These compostable products withstand hot and cold food and liquids and are also microwave and oven safe. VerTerra products are lightweight, durable, and have a unique streamlined appearance - perfect for a multitude of uses within the food and beverage landscape. A wheat grass/hay compostable straw is an excellent alternative to plastic and paper straws. Consumers are preferring to use straws that are fair to the environment while also being functional for themselves. Individual Food Service currently offers a large variety of eco-friendly options. Contact your IFS sales representative for more information.
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2020 Packaging Design Trends

Packaging is one of the most important ways to communicate value to your customer. Quality packaging increases visual appeal and can make a product stand out, helping to boost sales. Here are several trends to look for in 2020 that will be useful for any foodservice operator that wants to be successful and increase sales.
  • Retro-Futurism: Retro-futurism combines nostalgia and anticipation for the future. This style is becoming increasingly popular, as the design can attract a wide variety of customers
  • Detailed Maximalism: Because of the expected economic downturn at some point this year, it is presumed that people will be aspiring for the sense of luxury in their products. Rich colors and intricate designs can be anticipated as people search for beauty and visually high-end items.
  • Neatly Structured Layouts: Consumers crave easy readability. Neat lines and balanced spaces are essential, which has led designers to focus on minimalistic, “less-is-more” approaches.
  • Storytelling Packaging: Because there are so many types of products out there, the uniqueness of the packaging is incredibly important. Packaging that tells a story and truly causes the consumer to feel a connection with the product will be the most successful for businesses.
  • Transparent Packaging: Packaging is important to the consumer, but the product is what they truly want. That is why transparent packaging, which uses the actual product as a design element to help make the combination stand out, is projected to be a trend this year.
Businesses that are able to successfully implement these trends into their packaging design position themselves to grow sales and increase customer demand in 2020. Individual Food Service has a wide-ranging collection of products that can supply all of your packaging needs. Contact us for more information! For further details about these trends, please read on at Packing Strategies.