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Restaurant Operators Must Prepare for an Increase in Takeout Dining

Ifs Post 03 20 20

In the upcoming months, restaurants are likely to see an increase in takeout orders as dine-in traffic slows down. Restaurants that don’t have all of the proper takeout options will be missing out on potential sales. In the age of social distancing, it is extremely important for operators to be prepared and well-stocked with the essential takeout materials.

Packaging is critical for success in takeout dining. To receive positive reviews from customers, the packaging must be designed properly depending on the food that it carries. Insulated packaging is essential for hot foods like pizza and soup, while others are specifically made to hold perishables. This helps maintain the integrity of the restaurant and the quality of the food as it is transported home. Remember the key to restaurant success – serve hot food hot, cold food cold.

Packaging must be high-quality and sturdy, especially for bulk orders. As the impact of social distancing threatens dine-in traffic, restaurants need to be prepared with the necessary to-go products. Thankfully, Individual Food Service can supply your operation with the most important products to offer high-quality takeout.

Individual Food Service has all types of takeout packaging listed in an expansive product catalog. Whether it is aluminum, plastic, paper, or eco-friendly materials, Individual Food Service can provide the best packaging items for a wide variety of foods.

Please contact your Individual Food Service sales representative for more information about how our products can help your operation increase takeout sales!