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Individual FoodService, located in Bell, California, has over 90 years of experience providing quality goods to clients large and small. Owned and operated by the Supowitz family since 1926, Individual FoodService is Southern California’s premier distributor of food, paper, plastic, packaging, janitorial, and smallwares products.

Individual FoodService has always dedicated itself to its valued customers by offering a broad array of products at very competitive prices and excellent service. Our vast and unique product selection makes IFS a valuable supplier to a number of foodservice clients, including independent & national restaurant chains, healthcare facilities, hospitality establishments, country clubs, schools, universities, government institutions, wholesalers, cash & carry businesses, retail/wholesale bakeries, food processors and foodservice management institutions.

Being a company that places a heavy emphasis on integrity, Individual FoodService goes to great lengths to provide optimum service in a timely manner: delivering the products you need when you need them. Our knowledgeable local sales and customer service representatives assist our customers in determining the products they need while providing timely deliveries and taking care of their ongoing requirements.

With an unmatched product selection in food packaging, dry food, industrial packaging, paper products, cleaning supplies and equipment, Individual FoodService is capable of fulfilling any need a customer requires. Our inventory is housed in a 400,000-square-foot state-of-the-art distribution center where products are delivered using our in-house fleet of over 80 vehicles‚ capable of offering same-day delivery throughout California and, when required, same-day service. Stocking an impressive inventory of over 9,000 products, Individual FoodService’s goods are sourced globally from hundreds of suppliers.

Individual FoodService feels a strong sense of responsibility to both our customers and our planet, focusing whenever possible on earth-friendly and biodegradable products. With a commitment to business and social integrity, Individual FoodService strives to build long-lasting and mutually profitable relationships with customers in California, Oregon, Nevada, Arizona, Las Vegas & throughout Mexico.

IFS is a proud member of both Network Services and Golbon, two of the largest and most respected purchasing organizations in the country.

In 2015 Los Angeles Business Journal listed Individual FoodService as the 89th largest privately owned company in Los Angeles.


Individual Sanitary Service, Inc. (I.S.S.), the company from which Individual FoodService originated, was created in 1926 by Morris Supowitz as a specialty janitorial and paper products supplier to doctors’ offices throughout downtown Los Angeles. Several years after its inception, I.S.S. began to carry and distribute a new, revolutionary, disposable product, which later came to be known as the “Dixie cup.” I.S.S.’s forward thinking came at the cusp of the emergence of a brand-new market; foodservice to go. With the help of his sons, Perrin and David, Morris Supowitz took advantage of this rising new market and began placing all of the company’s efforts into this new endeavor. Supowitz predicted that the company would profit far greater in the foodservice industry than as a product supplier to doctors and dentists – he was correct!

Acknowledging the transition of the company’s focus, I.S.S. was reborn as Individual Paper Products Company. The company continued to grow, adding numerous new suppliers such as Solo Cup and Scott Paper, eventually outgrowing their old location and moving into a 20,000-square-foot facility on West Washington Blvd. The company, which included one salesman, three delivery trucks and fifteen employees, made another move in 1972 to a facility nearly three times larger to accommodate their growing needs. Tragically, Perrin Supowitz passed away suddenly five years later in 1977, leaving the further success and operation of the business in the balance as family members pursued other interests.

Fortunately, Perrin’s wife, Onnie, was determined to revive the now suffering business. With the help of her two sons, Onnie was able to rebuild the company, making it much of what it is today. In 1995 Onnie’s two sons acquired a family-owned wholesale foodservice company called Fergadis Wholesale Grocers. Under their watch, the company continued to expand and eventually grew to service the foodservice industry throughout all of Southern California.

In 2009 the two companies merged to form Perrin Bernard Supowitz, Inc. DBA Individual FoodService. Today, Individual FoodService operates out of an ultra-modern 400,000-square-foot distribution facility in Bell, California. Each week the company, which consists of more than 350 employees, services nearly 3,500 restaurants, wholesalers, food processors and caterers throughout California with a fleet of over 80 company owned and operated vehicles. Though the name has changed and the product list has greatly expanded, Individual FoodService offers the same exceptional quality, service, products and competitive prices that the original company was founded on over 90 years ago. Individual FoodService continues to strive to remain a company of integrity and reliability, paying homage to its original founders and honoring the values upon which it was built.


Individual FoodService is committed to providing support and contributing to our community. We currently do this through a number of different avenues, the first being the non-profit branch of Individual FoodService, Supo Foundation.

Individual FoodService proudly contributes to the following organizations:


At Individual FoodService, we believe in being proactive in pursuing and introducing new technologies, trends, and education in order to maintain a competitive edge. Our involvement with professional associations allows us to continually grow, thus improving ourselves, our customers, and, more importantly, our employees on changing trends in the industries we currently serve.

Listed below are our professional affiliations:

Our Management Team

One of the best predictors of an organization’s success is the track record of its executives. Organizational strength always flows from the top. It’s where policies, procedures and corporate philosophies originate, where growth strategies are implemented and where financial stability of the organization is built.

For this reason, Individual FoodService is so proud of its Executive Management Team and their success. Together they have been instrumental in the development, financing and operation of our company. They possess the skills and experience necessary to lead Individual FoodService to achieve its goals and stay true to its core values as stated in the Mission Statement.


Individual FoodService is strategically located in Bell, California, a mere 10 minutes east of downtown Los Angeles and situated between major freeways. We are perfectly positioned to service customers expeditiously in LA, Orange County, San Diego and the Inland Empire.

We are only two hours away from San Diego and Santa Barbara, one hour from Orange County and less than an hour away from the Inland Empire. We currently service Southern California and parts of Northern California, Nevada and Arizona.

In an attempt to expand our services to new and existing clients who desire to take advantage of our excellent service and competitive pricing, Individual FoodService is currently preparing to expand our reach even further!


Here at Individual FoodService, our customers’ needs are our top priority at all times. Striving for 100% customer satisfaction, we hope to build solid, lasting relationships with all of our customers regardless of the volume or their needs. It is our philosophy to maintain the traditional values instituted at the inception of our company: honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect. Individual FoodService strives to meet the needs of every customer through distribution excellence and quality customer service.

We are committed to continually build and maintain positive relationships with our customers, vendors, employees and community. Individual FoodService recognizes that our employees are our most valuable asset, which is why we promote employee development in the areas of education, career and health. Individual FoodService is dedicated to providing comprehensive services (not just products) to our customers by taking the time to assess each customer’s needs and determine solutions which are profitable to them, building the foundation for a long, lucrative relationship.


Individual FoodService is committed to making a positive and sustaining financial impact in the lives of our customers, employees, vendors and the communities we serve.

We accomplish this with the highest degree of ethics and integrity by continually striving to provide our customers with “more value for less,” quality products and impeccable service.

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