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Straws to Set You Apart

Straws 2

VerTerra Dinnerware is thrilled to announce the launch of the “Stable Straw” – a wheat grass/hay compostable straw that is also eco-friendly and restaurant quality. Individual Food Service is proud to offer this new product in the catalog.

VerTerra has produced stylish, sustainable, disposable dinnerware and packaging since 2007. Their products are eco-friendly and create an elevated look in the food industry. Founded on the principle of creating a better planet, VerTerra is committed to creating sustainable products. It has been the go-to eco-friendly line for leaders and innovators for over a decade.

VerTerra’s line of palm leaf dinnerware, patented collapsible boxes, patent-pending cheese boards, and serve ware provide a wide variety of options for every customer’s need. These compostable products withstand hot and cold food and liquids and are also microwave and oven safe. VerTerra products are lightweight, durable, and have a unique streamlined appearance – perfect for a multitude of uses within the food and beverage landscape.

A wheat grass/hay compostable straw is an excellent alternative to plastic and paper straws. Consumers are preferring to use straws that are fair to the environment while also being functional for themselves. Individual Food Service currently offers a large variety of eco-friendly options.

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