• 1947

    M.J. Supowitz Acquired
    Individual Sanitary Supply

    1,500 sq. ft. serviced medical offices with
    water cups, towels/tissues & examining rolls.

    MJ Supowitz & younger brother Perrin

  • 1972

    Individual Paper Products Relocates

    The company relocates from a 15,000 sq. ft. facility
    at 1800 W. Washington to a 56,000 sq. ft. building in
    Vernon, nearly four times as large.


  • 1980s

    A Period of Growing Success

    After much hard work, the company begins to enjoy
    the results of their efforts. Individual's customer service
    department steadily expands and a 1989 company
    Christmas party celebrates 30 employees and growing!

    Individual's order desk

  • 1993

    86 FoodService was Formed to
    Service Our Customers in Mexico.

    86 Food Service truck

  • 1997

    Individual and Fergadis Expand
    into a Single Warehouse

    Individual (56,000 sq. ft.) and Fergadis (25,000 sq. ft.)
    relocate to a single 175,000 sq. ft. leased building to
    meet growing demands.

    Individual & Fergadis relocate

  • 2005

    Onnie's Finest

    Onnie’s finest line of food products is created.

    Onnie's Finest

  • 2010...

    Purchase of Individual Group Facility

    The Individual Group/Fergadis

  • 2011...

    Smallwares Division Started

    Our specialization in smallwares started September 2011.
    Just two months later, the first IFS smallwares
    catalog was published.


  • 2012...

    Acquisition of Regal Poly and Paper

    This acquisition marked Individual FoodService’s
    entrance into the supermarket business segment.

    Regal Poly & Paper

  • 2013

    Individual FoodService Goes Big

    IFS purchases the 150,000 sq. ft. building
    adjacent to our main facility to accommodate
    additional personnel and inventory. Total square
    feet now exceeds 400,000 sq. ft.

    IFS' new warehouse addition

  • ...2014

    RTC Moves to a 40,000 sq. ft.
    Building in Commerce, CA.

    New Regal facility with dedicated staff

  • 2015

    Vernon Moves into a 60,000 Sq. Ft.
    Building in Bell, CA

  • 2017

    Vernon and RTC Combine Under One Roof

    Effective April 1, 2017, parent company Opus Noeline
    announces Vernon and Regal will be operating out of a single
    facility. This resulted in an updated logo utilizing elements
    from each of the previous designs.

    New Combined Facility and Vernon/RTC Truck

  • 1926

    Individual Sanitary Service Established

    One of the 1st distributors of Dixie Cups in Los Angeles,
    which were developed in the U.S. in 1907.

    Individual Sanitary Service

  • 1958

    Individual Paper Products Established

    Perrin Supowitz & his younger brother, David, join the company and soon go on to rename it from Individual Sanitary Supply to Individual Paper Products.

    Individual Paper Products

  • 1977

    In a Time of Need, Family and Friends Unite

    After the sudden passing of Perrin Supowitz, his son,
    Steve, leaves his studies at USC to join his mother,
    Onnie; his brother, Michael; and Betty Olen, Perrin’s loyal
    personal assistant, to revive the company, which was
    now facing considerable losses and the possibility
    of being sold.

    Onnie Supowitz, President of Individual Paper, signs checks, reviews reports, and makes most purchases.

  • 1990

    Perrin’s Brand of Paper
    Products is Launched

    In memory of Perrin Supowitz, Perrin's brand of
    paper is launched and today comprises several
    hundred premium quality items.

    Perrin Paper

  • 1995

    Fergadis is Acquired

    Specializing in serving independent burger stands
    and Mexican restaurants, the Fergadis acquisition
    marked our entry into the food products industry.

    Delicious Mexican food plate

  • 1999

    Grand Opening of Vasoking in Mexico

    Steve Supowitz (president) &
    Ralph Nunez (general manager)

  • 2006

    Supo Foundation Started

    Since its founding on January 5, 2006, the
    Supo Foundation has raised nearly $4 million
    from the profits of Individual and has distributed
    it to worthy causes.

    Supo Foundation logo

  • ...2010

    Rollout of New Individual FoodService Logo

    Our logo changed...our image followed.
    This resulted in a tremendous positive
    impact on the future of our company.

    PBS original logo

  • ...2011

    Transportation Fleet Gets a
    Serious Upgrade

    We initiated a three-year plan to replace all of
    the old, lifeless vehicles with brand-new trucks
    displaying our new logo and look. A fleet manager
    was hired & the transportation department was formed.

    New fleet of trucks

  • ...2012

    Vasoking Goes Big

    Vasoking of Mexico moves into its current
    100,000 sq. ft. modern distribution center
    in May 2012.

    New modern Vasoking distribution center

  • 2014...

    IFS Acquires Vernon Sanitation

    In order to better manage and grow IFS’s janitorial
    business segment, Individual FoodService brings
    Vernon Sanitary Supply into the family.

    Vernon Sanitary Supply joins IFS

  • ...2014

    Regal Poly and Paper Converts to
    Regal Trading Company

    Regal Trading Company (RTC) expands their line of products and
    begin specializing in supermarkets, meat processors, wholesale
    bakeries, packaging, janitorial and foodservice.

  • 2016

    Vernon Acquires Regal Trading Company

    Under new parent company, Opus Noeline,
    Vernon Sanitary Supplies acquires RTC.